The Importance Of Ahegao Hoodie

Let’s see why these prints are so popular, what they mean and where to buy them if you decide to follow the trend. This hoodie with Ahegao faces prints is an excellent attire to fight embarrassment and social anxiety. Unique design: We offer many hoodie collections of funny, cute, sexy, and eye-catching ahegao images. All these remarkable printing results from an advanced digital printing technology to produce real like bold, and beautiful sparkling images with some unforgettable moments shown on the front of the ahegao hoodies. I took some close-up photos of the logos so you can see the large “Champion” logo printed (not embroidered) on the front of the chest area, while the small “C” logo is an embroidered patch on the bottom sleeve (US nickel size).

Personal preference, I love the printed chest logo to avoid any scratched embroidery on my chest area. This word Ahegao or O-face, also called Oro-face, is predominantly used in Japan to make pornographic video games, manga series, and Hentai erotic stories. The image of many anime characters with the O-face by hentai artist Hirune has been circulating the internet since 2015. The earliest known picture of a t-shirt based along that design was posted at a South Korean forum on March 16, 2016, along with depicts of phone cases, pillows, and bags of the same design. The hoodie gangstromined a reputation as shock clothing, with the hoodie and its design appearing in memes related to weeaboo culture. Buyers recommend this hoodie for the spring and fall seasons.

A sweatshirt or hoodie with erotic anime faces and a weird manga called Ahegao is the latest plug in the fashion industry. This ahegao face hoodie is a slim-fitted attire suitable for casual use, sports, walking, driving, riding, traveling, hiking, and others. Besides, the face is often drawn deformed. What is Ahegao Ahegao T-Shirt Face Hoodies? Yes, there are only faces on these hoodies, and these are not able to censor. For Waif fans, this hoodie is a wonderful piece. Ahegao or hentai clothes create a loud fashion statement. One can find tons of Ahegao clothes on the Chinese retail platform AliExpress. Beautiful clothes for kids, teens, toddlers, and teens. However, enough people are saying this trend is gross and sexist.


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