Guidelines on: What exactly is accessibility testing?

Examining your website, apps, and other digital contents against usual standards and assessing usability for people using assistive technologies such as readers screens are all part of accessibility monitoring. The goal of accessibility testing is to collect this data, improve it, and use it to inform your digital initiatives.

Every digital project you undertake should include digital accessibility. As a result, accessibility monitoring should be part of your typical process rather than a one-time project. As accessibility standards evolve and our general understanding of user capabilities develops, so should digital experiences to meet their needs.

Understanding digital accessibility guidelines:

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), versions 2.0 and 2.1, are the international standards for encryption and accessibility. Depending on them on the four fundamental aspects, known as POUR, that are required for anyone to access and use web content:


Information and User Interface (UI) components are in a way that allows users to process them effortlessly.


The user interface and navigation components should be usable by all users, for example, with a keyboard rather than a mouse.


Users must perceive and use a website, but they must also understand it: the content and navigation must be understandable.


Content must be robust enough to be interpreted by a wide range of platforms, browsers, and devices, as well as assistive technologies.

The WCAG defines criteria for testing your content based on three levels of compliance, each with a progressively larger set of success criteria. Each higher standard combines previous standards, requires more effort to maintain, and has a vast impact on visual design.

The three WCAG 2.0 compliance levels are as follows:

Level A:

To advance to this level, you must meet 25 success criteria. At this level, you cannot identify something by color. For example, Press the yellow arrow to continue.

Level AA:

In addition to the 25 pass criteria for level A, you must meet 13 additional pass criteria to reach this level. Meeting color contrast standards is an example of a level AA criterion with 24 excess success criteria.

Level AAA:

An increased level of colorcontrast or any element that blinks or flashes three times per second are examples of AAA-level success. to lessen the likelihood of an attack on a user.


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