Treating Migraines with CBD Oil – Does It Really Provide Pain-Relief?

The emergence of CBD aka Cannabidiol has garnered much attention across the globe. CBD is an active ingredient found in the cannabis plant (a variety of marijuana plant) that is widely used for treating many health conditions including headache and inflammation. Migraine sufferers have started turning to CBD as a natural pain relief.

Migraines are accompanied by pulsating pain usually on one side of the head, nausea and sensitivity to light and sound. The condition can be very distracting and painful and over-the counter pain-relief drugs provide temporary pain-relief. Though there aren’t extensive research suggesting CBD’s effects on migraine, CBD is found to effectively treat chronic pain.


Purchase CBD online:

Existing research focuses on marijuana’s effects in treating migraine. Marijuana contains hundreds of cannabinoids apart from CBD. However, users of CBD have claimed that CBD has helped them ease migraine symptoms and you could consider giving it a shot. Try the CBD full spectrum tincture from Just CBD store.

They are the go-to choose for most CBD users. Their tincture can be added into your morning coffee or water after your daily workout routine. This allows user’s body to metabolize the CBD faster. It is important to purchase CBD only from reputable CBD vendors so that you reap the maximum benefits of CBD.

Different ways to use CBD oil:

There are a handful of ways to ingest CBD and each have their own pros and cons. The CBD types include:

  • Vaping and smoking
  • Sublingual products like tinctures that allow drops under your tongue
  • Topicals that can be directly applied on your skin.
  • Edible CBDs used in food, truffles, gummies, beverages etc.
  • Capsules


Why CBD is considered a possible treatment option for migraines?


The first major advantage CBD oil has over marijuana is that it doesn’t produce intoxication. No euphoric effects are observed upon consuming CBD oil. Even though CBD oil is not proved officially to be a treatment option for Migraine, it still can be used for treating muscle and joint pain linked to migraines.


What do past researches reveal?

Around 2009 studies were done on animals to explore CBD’s potential on treating migraine. The evidence suggested that cannabidiols served as antinociceptive agents. Another research had reported that the frequency of migraine headache is reduced with medical marijuana. More research is required to conclude CBD’s effectiveness in treating migraine.

Regulations and legal information:

The laws vary from state to state. In some states, a medical license or prescription is needed to purchase CBD products for medicinal use. FDA hasn’t approved CBD products usage yet for migraines. It has only been approved for treating seizures and with more researches done, things are likely to change.

Arriving at the right treatment plan for migraines can be quite tricky as what works for one person doesn’t necessarily imply it works for another. Many use CBD in combination with other traditional methods of treatment for effective results. To be on the safer side talk to your doctor before starting CBD.


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