Deleted Comments

Ladies and Gentlemen, when taking down the article stating my thoughts on the topic I accidentally deleted the comments from those who had interest and took the time to express their ideas and opinions. I believe in free speech. So, I can at least copy and paste them here. ==== Author : Wade Kwon Comment: Thanks for sharing your story, Jason. What’s the next step for you? Are you planning to...

Time For Thought

I pulled the article from the website in an effort to minimize the discourse. I thank all of my supporters and I will keep you abreast of the situation.  Birmingham is my home, and we will keep you posted wherever Spoonfed decides to park next….

Alright, I’m Hungry already!

It is time to eat but I want it just right. Try this next time you grill out. The Omelet Burger. This burger can be messy, tough to make, big and time consuming. And, it is not a matter of taste so much as it the art of it. It can be made several ways. You can scramble or fry the egg first. Or you can whisk the egg or just crack it raw. It is your choice. What do you want in your omelette? Pick what...

Food Joys of Winter

It is cold and you are hungry. Here are a couple of easy treats from the oven. First, kick the oven onto a broil. Take some french bread (any bread will do, your taste) and slice your style. Rub some olive oil on the up side. Take some seasoning, your favorite, and sprinkle on top. Or nothing at all. Next get some jam or jelly or whatever is rotting in the refrigerator and spread a thin layer on...

CBS Sunday Morning Story About Food Trucks

I loved this piece CBS Sunday Morning recently aired in November about L.A.’s “trendy” food truck scene, and thought I would share. Happy holidays and look forward to seeing y’all in 2010!

GQ’s 10 Best Food Trucks in America

Ran across this GQ post and I thought I would share. Feel free to go to the article on the  GQ site and sound off about Spoonfed Grill. Now that meals on wheels are getting as much acclaim as four-star restaurants, GQ decided to scour the streets in search of the best. From Seattle to New Hampshire, we dug into a global feast of juicy Hawaiian pork sliders, crispy sweetbreads, and succulent Taiwanese...

Our Full Menu

Menu Salads Grilled Chicken – iceberg and romaine with croutons, cherry tomatoes, shredded asiago cheese, crispy bacon, red bell peppers Candy Crusted Pecan Salad – iceberg, romaine and mixed greens, cranberries, gorgonzola, cherry tomatoes, sliced pears with a raspberry vinaigrette dressing. Spoonfed – mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, crispy bacon, red onions, cucumbers,...

Our first review!

Many thanks to Malinda Kay Nichols for the glowing post on her Baked in Birmingham domestic arts blog. Come back and sample more of the menu – or have another Apple-Butter Panini. P.S. Please share your recipe for Brown Sugar Cake Ice-Cream Sammiches Drizzled With Hot Caramel – stop the truck that sounds delicious!

We Serve Breakfast at the Courthouse

Spoonfed Grill hits the Jefferson County Court House at Lynn Park for breakfast. We feed the “lined” masses.

We’ll Take Care of Your Cooler

You ever worry about someone breaking into your cooler while you’re at the game? Don’t worry about that anymore – just focus on cheering for The Tide. Bring it by and we’ll by happy to watch it for you at no charge. The Spoonfed Grill truck will be parked at the Stadium Court Apartments, on the corner of 12th and 8th (across from GameDay Apartments, a block off of the Strip...
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